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Micro Knights

Micro Knights

Travel to a faraway dragon kingdom to join three valiant reel heroes on the slot from Elk Studios. Micro Knights is bringing you to Chatou Prix on a sun-filled morning when King Chalcedony orders all knights to take charge outside the kingdom walls. According to him, all potential threats, big and small, must be eliminated to keep the kingdom safe.

The task falls on the three hilarious knights – Sir Smash, Sir Charge, and Sir Count – all handpicked by his majesty the king himself. The excitement rises as they exit the castle gates to unleash their features and modifiers in a quest to restore order in the kingdom. The bravest reel knights will enter the free drops round with a persistent symbol queue that could lead to wins of up to 2,500 times your bet.

Slot Details

Micro Knights is a 7×7 grid slot with tumbling symbols and cluster pays. Wins are awarded for clusters of five or more matching symbols that land horizontally and/or vertically connected. You can join the fearless knights on desktop or mobile from 0.20 to 100 credits per spin. The game has medium to high volatility (7/10) with an RTP of exactly 96%.

Loading the game will bring you to a serene meadow with a medieval village leading to Chatou Prix. The three protagonists are placed on strategic points around the square 7×7 grid with Sir Charge moving up and down on the left, Sir Smash standing on the top ready to smash symbols and Sir Count in the other corner counting the collected symbol before unleashing the Flag features. The fiery dragon sits on top of the tower, occasionally spewing fire onto the grid.

The pay symbols start at the low end with a piece of ham on a chopping board, a water well, an archer practice target and a one-toothed mushroom. Hitting clusters of 20 or more symbols will award 10x to 20x your stake. They are followed by rabbits, smiling frogs, goats and milk cows. A cluster of 20 or more symbols will yield 100x to 250x your bet. A golden chalice marked with a ‘W’ is the wild symbol while the king’s crown acts as the bonus symbol.

Micro Knights Slot Features

The game is an action-packed slot in the “Elk Friends” Series that combines medieval knights with a 7×7 grid and a whole host of features to make every session on Micro Knights a unique experience. It feels like the designers have been allowed to unleash all their creativity to deliver an exhilarating reel adventure with hilarious characters that will have you smile while you play for wins of up to 2,500 times your bet. There are some never before seen twists, so bear with us as we take you through the gameplay in chronological order.

Core to the action are the tumbling symbol mechanic and the cluster pays. At the start of every spin sequence, 49 symbols drop from the top onto the grid and any clusters of minimum five matching symbols will create a winner. The symbols in the combo will shatter and disappear to make space for new ones to drop into place. The process continues as long as new winning clusters land with wins being accumulated throughout the sequence. At the same time, the number of winning symbols is added to the Counting Knight’s meter on the right that will play a significant role later in the gameplay. It will reset at the end of a spin in the base game but will persist during the bonus round.

Keep an eye on the Symbol Queue that is building up at the bottom whenever Sir Charge is putting is visor down and charges at random across the grid or during two of the Flag features. The symbols on the selected rows are pushed into the queue and replaced with new ones. Each symbol is marked with a number that corresponds to how many of the respective symbols have been added to the queue.

The door to the tower entrance will open and the symbol next in line will be beamed onto the grid if the number marking it will lead to a new cluster of minimum five matching symbols or an existing one can be improved. E.g. you have the frog marked with 3 at the door and one cluster with 2 and one with 5 symbols after the dust has settled from the knight’s charge. The first will then become a new cluster of 5 symbols while the second will be upgraded to 8 symbols.

This can lead to multiple winning clusters and obviously, the higher the symbol count in the queue the bigger the win potential. In the base game, all symbols in the queue will be removed at the end of a spin sequence but they will persist in the bonus round together with the Counting Knight’s meter.

Naturally, the three valiant knights – Sir Charge, Sir Smash and Sir Count – play a major role with each having been given reel modifiers or a feature that will interact with the symbol queue. They will come into play randomly or via the collection meter. Multiple knights features can trigger within one spin sequence.

The Charging Knight moves up and down on the path to the left of the grid. He randomly charges when no more winners occur after a fresh avalanche of symbols, which can happen multiple times within a spin sequence. Everything except wilds and bonus symbols that comes in his way on the respective row is pushed into the symbol queue, which are can then used to create new winning clusters or boost existing clusters on the symbol grid.

The Smashing Knight oversees the symbol grid in the upper left corner and randomly smashes his mace when you have symbols in the queue, shaking the entire screen and increasing the count of all symbols in the queue by one.

The Counting Knight is the calmest of the three knights. Analytical as he is, he keeps track of the size of the winning clusters and hands out life-saving features through his six different flags that are displayed in a fixed order at the bottom of the reels. One flag feature is activated every time the meter is filled up and no more winning clusters occur, starting with the red flag. The features can stack up, indicated by the extended flags at the bottom, and will trigger then consecutively every time no more winning clusters appear.

  • Red Flag – Inferno: The dragon jumps into the fray and spews fire onto the reels, burning all low-value symbols in view. New ones will drop into the empty spaces potentially creating more winners.
  • Pink Flag – Extra Wilds: A random number of 3 – 15 wilds are placed onto the reels.
  • Purple Flag – Super Size: Drops a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 mega symbol onto the grid to guarantee a winning cluster.
  • Orange Flag – Charge: Moves 2 – 5 rows of symbols into the queue. New symbols tumble down to potentially score more winners. Symbols in the queue can be added to the grid.
  • Blue Flag – Epic Charge: Pushes all symbols on the grid into the queue. A complete set of 49 new symbols tumbles down for another chance to score a winning cluster. Symbols in the queue can be added to the grid.
  • Green Flag – Boosted Queue: All symbols in the queue are used to create new or bigger winning clusters. The hardest to trigger but also a guarantee for multiple winning clusters.

Hitting three Crown scatters within one spin sequence will trigger 5 Free Drops, which cannot be retriggered. The round is played with a major twist that will have quite an impact on activating the various flag features. The Counting Knight’s meter and the Symbol Queue will not reset between free spins, instead, they persist and continuously carry on to fill up as you score winning clusters and trigger features. Basically, it makes sure that flag features and symbol interactions happen more often, providing extra potential to keep a spin sequence going and score big wins.

Final Verdict

We anticipated something hilarious or at least humorous when Elk Studios announced their Micro Knights slot at the end of 2019 but it turned out even more hilarious than we could have ever expected. The three knights are fun to watch as they unleash their features while the gameplay is very engaging thanks to the collection meter and the symbol queue. It will be one of those slots were players will often say “just one more spin” and will still be sitting on the game an hour or more later.

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Micro Knights

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